Because of the environment created by the dental team and Dr. Shawn, most of our patients at Tallahassee Pediatric Dentistry are comfortable, confident and calm while at the office.

Occasionally, however, a child may feel anxious before or during dental treatment. A child who is particularly nervous or unfamiliar with dental treatment may require additional support in order to feel calm and comfortable. Nitrous oxide/oxygen, oral sedation, and deep sedation are three mechanisms that can be employed to provide this additional support. Our goal is to protect their experience of coming to the dentist so they always like coming to see us. Dr. Shawn will discuss the details, risks and benefits of both options with you to select the best modality for your child.

For nitrous oxide, we recommend a light meal before the appointment.

For conscious sedation, remember no milk or food after midnight and only clear liquids up to 3 hours before their visit. If your child becomes sick (ear infection, cough, cold, virus) please call to reschedule.

For IV sedation, the nurse will contact you with eating/drinking instructions the day before.