Post-operative Instructions

Your child had the following procedure performed today:

  • Filling(S)
  • Pre-fabricated Crown(s)
  • Pulp Treatment
  • Sealant(s)
  • Etraction (removal of tooth)
  • Frenectomy
  • SDF treatment

It is important that you provide proper care for your child’s newly treated teeth. Neglecting the newly restored teeth can, and most likely will, lead to failure of treatment and more cavities.

Composite (tooth-colored) filling(s)

  • Normal diet when comfort allows. Brush and floss teeth daily.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) treatment

  • Refrain from eating/drinking for 1 hour. Skip brushing tonight, resume tomorrow morning.

Glass Ionomer (Fluoride releasing) filling(s)

  • Avoid chewing on restored teeth for 1 Hour, then a normal diet as comfort allows.


  • Sticky candy (caramel, taffy, fruit roll-up, sugar gum, gummy treats, etc.) should be AVOIDED for the lifetime of the crown. These sticky foods can cause the crown to come off.

Space Maintainer

  • Sticky candy (caramel, taffy, fruit roll-up, sugar gum, gummy treats, etc.) should be AVOIDED while the space maintainer is in place. These sticky foods can cause the maintainer to come off. If it falls off, bring back to the office with you. Typically, dental insurance only pays for a space maintainer once.

Extraction (removal of tooth)

  • Soft diet today and progress as tolerated. Keep the extraction area clean with gentle brushing or wiping with soft towel. Avoid any hard or crunchy food that may irritate the extraction area.

After any treatment, the teeth and gums may be sensitive. Minor bleeding may occur after treatment, and start again when the teeth are brushed and flossed. There may also be brushing if an injection was given. These symptoms should improve 1-2 days after treatment.

Please notify our office if you have concerns after treatment. If a filling, crown or space maintainer is lost, please notify our office immediately.

How to help your child have healthy teeth


  • Brush at least 2 times daily
  • Floss teeth daily
  • An adult should brush for children until they are 8 years old can tie their own shoes.
  • Expose teeth to fluoride daily with toothpaste. If children can spit, a fluoride rinse can be added to the hygiene routine.


  • Sticky foods such as fruit snacks, dried fruit, & crackers should be avoided or meal time only.
  • Give your child’s teeth a “break period” by spacing meals and snacks 2 hours apart. This rest period will allow your child’s saliva to clean and neutralize the mouth.
  • NEVER put your child to bed with milk or juice. Water is the only beverage that should be offered after night-time brushing.
  • Fresh fruit/vegetables, yogurt, cheese, dark chocolate, & nuts are the best snacks for your child’s teeth
  • Water should be your child’s main drink. Juice and milk at meal time only.
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