Dr. Hanway provides comprehensive dental services for patients from infancy to adolescents. She offers a personalized experience to each child.
Nervous Children Dentistry

For Nervous Children

Is your child anxious about dental treatments? Then Tallahassee Pediatric Dentistry is the place for you! We make extra efforts in providing a comfortable, confident and calm environment for you and your child.

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Tallahassee Frenectomy


Dr. Hanway’s experience with Frenectomies along with her compassionate approach towards her patients will offer you the assurance that your child is in good hands.

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Tallahassee Special Needs Dentist

Special Needs Patients

Finding a dentist for your child with special needs can be difficult. As a parent you want the best and safest care for your child. Dr. Hanway’s received superior training at UF that allows her to offer treatments to little ones with a variety of special needs.

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Tallahassee Child Tooth Dentistry

Tear-free Dentistry

Dental trauma can be scary and painful for your child. Follow these tips from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to help be prepared in the event of an accident.

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