Post-Op Instructions

It is important that you provide proper care for your child’s newly treated teeth. Neglecting the newly restored teeth can, and most likely will, lead to failure of treatment and more cavities.

After any treatment, remember the local anesthesia lasts for at least 2 hours so it is important to supervise your child to ensure they do not bite/chew/scratch their numb lip/tongue/cheek. After the local anesthesia has worn off, the teeth and gums may be sensitive. Minor bleeding may occur after treatment and start again when the teeth are brushed and flossed. This is okay, we want you to brush because the cleaner the teeth – the quicker everything will heal. You may see small bruising if an injection was given. These symptoms should improve 1-2 days after treatment.

Please notify our office if you have concerns after treatment. If a filling, crown or space maintainer is lost, please notify our office immediately.

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