Updates for 2021

  • Late policy (10 minutes) –We do our best to have a fluid schedule for all, but we need your help.  If you arrive 10 minutes past your scheduled appointment, we will need to reschedule in fairness to staying on time for other patients. If you know you are running behind, a phone call or text helps us rearrange accordingly.  
  • Appointment Confirmation – We use an appointment reminder system that confirms appointments via phone call, text, and email a week, 1 day, and 2 hours prior to your visit. If patients do not confirm then we assume they will not be showing and we start to offer to someone else who is eager to come in. If you are not receiving these, please let us know so we can make sure we have the right contact info.
  • Parents in Treatment area – Starting January 1st 2021, we are going back to our old policy that allows parents back into the clinical area, with a few new rules. We are still trying to reduce the number of people in the office due to the pandemic. This means only one parent who is wearing a mask. No additional family members. Parent will be screened like child (temperature, symptoms). We encourage and praise children who are seasoned to our office to come back willingly on their own. In fact, this past year has shown us that most children do better without their parent. We appreciate your understanding and trust as we continue to work through the challenges and changes this pandemic has introduced to our practice.  

We are sending this message to the contact emails and phone numbers we have on file. You should receive this message via email and text. If you did not, please call us to update your information. Keep in mind that if you chose to opt out of the messaging system, it will increase the odds of a missed appointment and/or confirmation.

We are looking forward to a brighter 2021. We hope your New Year is filled with health and prosperity! Thank you and Happy New Year!

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